Presenting Our Eclectic New Fabric Range.

Evolving technologies have uncovered the understanding that traditional forms of printing are slowly becoming baron. New technology has discovered the wonderful world of digitally printed interiors; a phenomenon whereby interiors are no longer produced purely by traditional methods, but are imagined, designed and printed digitally.

Here at Kingfisher, among other assets, we are able to provide a fabric and textile printing service which allows you to elaborate your designs and your brand identity across platforms not only seen on the high street, but internal through business interiors, soft signage, display furnishings and even fashion statements such as Flip Flops. Our Pigment Textile Printer and our Hp Latex printers can produce stunning four colour prints onto a wide gamut of fabrics, including cottons, silks, polyesters and cotton/polyester blends.

Stretch your brand further with our eclectic mix of textile materials that cover a range of purposes. Cushions, blinds, curtains, drapes and TFS systems to name a few, are all achievable via our fantastic printing process. Our pigment machine provides a greener solution to all of your printing problems as the inks require no water and fixation methods that only include steaming or washing during the manufacturing process.

Industries are evolving, and many designers, crafters and D.I.Y’ers are actively searching for new means to produce designs onto fabrics for their own adaptation and usage. The only limit is your imagination.

For more information, or to discuss your enquiry further, please contact our sales team on 01614060992 or alternatively you can contact our sales team via e-mail at


Our versatile display fabrics will add depth to the room and link the colours of the design in a way that you may never of imagined.


Throw pillows and display cushions can change the whole feel of a space. Add a splash of colour and comfort with this product.


Keep things unique within your business premises, design your own or brand your drapes with anything you like for short run prints.


Textile prints and bespoke soft furnishings are still something that is quite new to the digital print industry.

Turn your ideas in to a reality with the flexibility of printed fabrics. Match drapery with upholstery and anything else you can think of that you might like to match (or clash for that matter!)

Our range of fabrics are second to none, with everything from velvet to satin, we can cater for any interior style, so get in touch with your ideas

Digital Textiles

Digitally printed textiles offer a wide range of flexibility when it comes to your office interior.


We deliver our fabrics nationwide to companies across the UK, to your door at your convenience.

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Our prints can be used for all kinds of projects including upholstery of furniture of all different sorts. Why not start your own project with us?

Table Cloths

Table cloths can be used in all kinds of ways in your business interior. Our bespoke table cloths work great in hotel interiors and restaurants.


Blinds can create privacy and can help with glare from the sun. Why not make them part of your interior brand design with print?