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Through the evolution of the internet, websites such as TripAdvisor have developed into a judging platform for Hotels. One of the main categories that comes under sometimes harsh, detailed or fair evaluation is that of the interior design of the Hotel; the ambiance it gives and the overall “home-away-from-home” and “luxury experiences” it provides its guests. Therefore, it is imperative that your Hotel stands out away from the rest.

With our amazing range of materials and fabrics, we can adapt your Hotel Bedrooms, Foyers, Reception Areas, Restaurants and Corridors into something spectacular. Ranging from Display Cushions, Curtains and Drapes, Wall Murals and Lampshades, there is always opportunity to modify that blank space into an attractive zone.

Fabric Prints

Wallpaper Prints



Perception is everything and 93% of all perceptions stem from the visual sense, so jump into an opportunity to launch your Hotel environments by sporting bespoke produced graphics for almost any surface. Via environmentally friendly digital printing methods, and an experienced installation team to hand, you can be sure that your project with us will be completed to an excellent standard.

Interior Expertise

Fitting service by experienced professionals in the industry. Working across many different printed materials, our team will make the most of your print.

Unrivaled Choice

Our expertise in all forms of digital print will help your hotel have that wow factor. Almost any surface within the room can be printed.


Our versatile display fabrics will add depth to the room and link the colours of the design in a way that you may never of imagined.


We print wallpaper in one piece, which means you get a hard wearing wall mural, with no joins. Just a simple change of wallpaper change transform a room.


We can custom print your lampshades for even more design consistency. Matching patterns or images is a great way to incorporate your brand in to your rooms.


Hotel Prints

Perception is everything. Just like choosing the right hotel for your customers business trips or holidays. Ensure that the ambiance of your hotel sells itself with our bespoke printed interiors. Stand out from the rest and revamp your hotel room using colour schemes and themes. Get in touch with us today for more information.

Office Industry

On average (if you work 9-5), you spend 37.5 hours per week; 150 hours per month and 1800 hours per year working. If then, you are surrounded by a dull office, productivity will be at a low. Looking at those statistics, you need to transform your working environment with our bespoke Office Branding graphics.

Restaurant Printing

Like Hotels, Restaurants have become increasingly noticed on apps like TripAdvisor for not just their service, but the overall appearance. Make you restaurant gain 5 star reviews with a posh new interior produced by us. All our graphics are bespoke made to suit your brief, and will WOW your customers for those amazing reviews.