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Print in Hospitality & Events

Hospitality within business environment is historically associated with a networking, friendly and sociable event in a bid to, as it were, “wine and dine” their clients as a sign of appreciation for their business. When hosting such an event, you need to welcome your clients into a modern, fresh and interesting space that is personal to both you and your business.

Here at Kingfisher Interiors, we can convert your dull, boring and plain hosting area into a funky, fresh and memorable zone full of interactivity, class and high quality finishes. Our product ranges are so diverse and bespoke, that the only limit to what you want to achieve is your imagination. Please get in contact with our sales team to find out more, or alternatively have a look at our product page to kick-start your journey to a memorable hospitality event.


Tell your visitors about your event, where it is and about your brand with the amazing abilities within the digital print industry.


Think versatile table cloths, or use your imagination and think of some other amazing way to use a totally unique fabric.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can be temporary or permanent, and cover as big a space as you like.


We can help in many different areas

  • One Piece Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper
  • Magnetic Panels
  • Framed Poster Prints
  • TFS (Tension Fabric Systems)
  • Temporary Floor Graphics
  • Frosted Etched Window Manifestations


We can help to brand your space in ways you may never of thought. We work against traditional marketing efforts and use print to tell people who you are.


Choose from bespoke lighting and shading to suit your business. Our shades can create just the right amount of ambiance for your business space and clientele.

Tension Fabric Systems

Make your wall art interchangeable with tension fabric systems (TFS), this state of the art interior decor system. Change your artwork as often as you like with TFS