Print Your Office Interior

Print for Office Interiors

Offices sometimes carry the traditional status quo of a large room or rooms, containing plain desks that are structured perpendicular to white walls or windows. People sitting at in straight lines, typing away on their keyboards and answering phones. I’m sure we have all been placed in an office before that had no character, flare or fun.

With new products, printing methods and technological advances, here at Kingfisher we can transform your tired, gaunt looking office into a haven of colours, textures and entertainment. From wall graphics to desk covers, your office can undergo the make-over of the century.


Our wallpaper designs can be focused around your brand and be completely unique. Gone are the days of being restricted to a patterned wallpaper on a roll in a DIY store!

Desk Wraps

Put life back in to old furniture with a desk wrap! We can help coordinate a room and give old desks a splash of colour. Match to walls, floors or fabrics with our amazing digital technologies.


We can custom print your indoor signage for your business. Direct visitors or tell people about your business with our great signage abilities.


Scatter your surfaces with enthusiastic and encouraging messages, images and colours to help increase productivity throughout your workforce and renovate your work environment into a place where your staff come to work and relax.

Take a look at our image gallery full of previous work and inspiration and get in touch with us to start your renovation today.


Choose from bespoke lighting and shading to suit your business. Our shades can create just the right amount of ambiance for your business space.

Tension Fabric Systems

Make your wall art interchangeable with tension fabric systems (TFS), this state of the art interior decor system. Change your artwork as often as you like with TFS


We can help to brand your business in ways you may never of thought. We work against traditional marketing efforts and use print to tell people who you are.