One Piece Wallpaper



Make shopping in your outlet an experience for your customers, in a bid to really raise those sales. With colour matching systems and more materials than you can poke a stick at, you can really raise the game and spread your brand identity throughout the store. . Ooze in the classic “window shopper” with your show stopping window displays, interchangeable backlit graphics, lampshades and check out tills to ultimately renovate your store from bleak and dull into a colourful mash of trendy, upcoming graphics.
With our interchangeable systems, both fabric and magnetic, it won’t matter how many sales or offers you have on. With ease you can swap one offer for another and store them away for the next time. All of our graphics are made-to-order and site surveys are available upon request.


Tension fabric systems are a versatile form of print. Printed fabric is pulled to tension and put into a frame and can easily be changed as often as you like.


We print wallpaper in one piece, which means you get a hard wearing wall mural, with no joins. Just a simple change of wallpaper change transform a room.


We can help to brand your restaurant in ways you may never of thought. We work against traditional marketing efforts and use print to tell people who you are.


Just like Hotels, Restaurants have become increasingly noticed on apps like TripAdvisor for not just their service, but the overall appearance. Make you restaurant gain 5 star reviews with a posh new interior produced by us. All our graphics are bespoke made to suit your brief, and will WOW your customers for those amazing reviews.

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Choose from bespoke lighting and shading to suit your business. Our shades can create just the right amount of ambiance for your business space.

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics can impact a space massively, have them covering a whole space, or dot them around the area to create a more fun approach to decorating.


Interior or exterior signage can be created to help direct your visitors around your restaurant and help to segment areas where required.